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Fear of Sex-April

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thCAPK2IX8My fear to conquer this month is a big one. SEX. Yep, you read correctly. Let me explain. Unlike most adults who have a healthy reaction to sex, I have an unhealthy aversion to it. Sparing the details, my objective is to delve deeper into the reasons why and I have decided that seeking professional counseling is a great first approach.

I have also decided to tackle my very real fear of being assaulted, sexually or otherwise. Like most women I know I take my safety very seriously. I am by no means help up in my home in a panic, but it does often cross my mind how I would cope during an attack or defend myself. These two topics will be breached and I hope to get off on an encouraging start.

Ever wonder what goes on behind the doors of a therapy session? Stay tuned for the hash!


Author: finallyfearless

I am a young professional aiming to make my life the most it can be. For me, the journey begins with forging a path to freedom and forgetting my fears.

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