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SAAM is here!

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packageApril is SAAM, or National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. In honor of this month I decided to participate in a women’s self-defense class and a walk/run in my area to support awareness and challenge my own phobias when it comes to sexual assault prevention. I am sorry to report that not only have I not been able to find a walk/run for this cause all month, I have also not come across any women’s specific self-defense classes that teach you the basics of physically protecting yourself against an attacker. There are several martial arts academies willing to fit you into their normal routines or take a group, but this is not what I was looking for.

The good news? I did find two upcoming races for other causes, and one self-defense potential.

The Junior League of Omaha High Heels Dash in May. The race supports the Junior League of Omaha’s child-minded community projects, as participants make their way towards the finish line in their favorite pair of high heels.

The Phi Beta Sigma Race Against Violence – 5K and 1 Mile Walk in June sponsored by the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. The family event is held to raise awareness and support efforts to stop both street and domestic violence in our community.

I have also contacted the closest regional director Dave Visin for a program called R.A.D or Rape Aggression Defense, in order to find out how to start one. This comprehensive program offers basic physical defense, aerosol and keychain defense classes.

Here are the links to both below:

1. Junior League of Omaha High Heel Dash

2.  Phi Beta Sigma Race Against Violence – 5K and 1 Mile Walk

3. R.A.D or Rape Aggression Defense

Want to see me race in high heels or walk park style? Cast your vote in the suggestions box below.


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I am a young professional aiming to make my life the most it can be. For me, the journey begins with forging a path to freedom and forgetting my fears.

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