From fearful to fearLess one phobia at a time

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Nebraska drivers

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I have heard that driving is an acquired skill and that noticing the exemplary drivers from the not-so-much ones can even be determined by geographical location. Take New York drivers for instance, they are known for driving too fast, ignoring yellow to red traffic warnings, and following too close behind other cars. Recent surveys by GMAC Insurance has even listed New York as having the worst driver’s in America.  Drivers from the Midwest faired the best, with Kansas having the highest score. Ask a Midwest driver about driving in their area, and you might get a different point of view. In my home state of Nebraska, we often refer to our neighboring Iowans as being some of the worst, although nationally they ranked among the best on the GMAC survey.

What have I noticed about driver’s in my city of Omaha? Both good and bad driving habits.

The bad: changing lanes without signaling; speeding up when someone needs to get over or merge into a lane; texting or talking while driving and following too close behind another car.

The good: Signaling when turning; slowing down and pulling over for emergency vehicles and stopping for student traffic and pedestrians.

Overall, Omaha drivers are courteous and the traffic scene is tame. I am sure when I am driving that I won’t be perfect, and every driver, no matter where in the country, has room to grow and learn.



Ah I’m driving!(education)

Driving seems like an everyday occurrence for most people, but for some, a seemingly automatic daily behavior can produce feelings of anxiousness, panic and uncertainty. I just happen to be one of them. For some time now, I have been able to by-pass those thoughts and avoid driving. In fact, I have been quite content using alternative forms of transportation. It is eco-friendly and I just happen to live in a pedestrian friendly neighborhood.

As of late however, I have been determined to let my disabling fears become a part of my past. My #2 Fear of Driving is already well on its way. I have passed my learner’s permit, and am now taking driver’s education classes in order to be a safe, competent driver. This will bring me one step closer to being a driver by the end of the summer. Am I nervous? YES! You just might see me handing out warning flyers to drivers that I am on the road! I’m sure the first astronauts in space felt the same way, but look where making the journey got them! Wish me luck!

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Fear of Driving-May

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The month of May is set aside to tackle my fear of driving. Yes, I am afraid of crashing and burning and/or harming innocent people with my lack of maneuvering skills. This fear is not unwarranted, as I once crashed t car of friend and decided that taking a passenger’s seat on my local area transit wasn’t such a bad idea. Pushing myself forward past this, I have decided to become a bona-fide motorist and see what this could do for me.  I have chosen to get a learner’s permit, take driver’s education and then pursue an official driver’s license. Wish me luck!

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“The Driver”

“The Driver”. The phrase, doesn’t sound that impressive all on its own, but compared to the phrases, “the alternative transportation taker”, “the walker”, or say “the biker?” it says Motivated. Determined. Going somewhere. It is this independent, risk taking traveler that I hope to personify by taking on the challenge of driving.  After crashing a friend’s car some years ago, I decided it was best not to continue learning how to drive. With the month of May phobia being Fear of Driving, I have decided to get over my fear of crashing or causing harm to others and get behind the wheel. This is not just for a shiny new set of wheels, the alluring smell of new car interior, or that fast and furious fever I am stepping out of my box to pursue. It is for my own personal satisfaction of being able to call myself a driver, finally!

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April updates!

Just some quick updates for the Fear of Sex month of April:

1. I will post updates and thoughts in regards to this fear until the end of May, as I stared this blog at the end of April and want to give this topic a full shot of attention.

2. I have my first counseling session coming up so wish me luck!

3. I have joined a local matchmaking service to help me get out of my box.

4. Rallying family and friends for the race/walk in June!

5. Arranging my self-defense strategies as we speak!