From fearful to fearLess one phobia at a time

“The Driver”

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“The Driver”. The phrase, doesn’t sound that impressive all on its own, but compared to the phrases, “the alternative transportation taker”, “the walker”, or say “the biker?” it says Motivated. Determined. Going somewhere. It is this independent, risk taking traveler that I hope to personify by taking on the challenge of driving.  After crashing a friend’s car some years ago, I decided it was best not to continue learning how to drive. With the month of May phobia being Fear of Driving, I have decided to get over my fear of crashing or causing harm to others and get behind the wheel. This is not just for a shiny new set of wheels, the alluring smell of new car interior, or that fast and furious fever I am stepping out of my box to pursue. It is for my own personal satisfaction of being able to call myself a driver, finally!


Author: finallyfearless

I am a young professional aiming to make my life the most it can be. For me, the journey begins with forging a path to freedom and forgetting my fears.

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