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Nebraska drivers

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I have heard that driving is an acquired skill and that noticing the exemplary drivers from the not-so-much ones can even be determined by geographical location. Take New York drivers for instance, they are known for driving too fast, ignoring yellow to red traffic warnings, and following too close behind other cars. Recent surveys by GMAC Insurance has even listed New York as having the worst driver’s in America.  Drivers from the Midwest faired the best, with Kansas having the highest score. Ask a Midwest driver about driving in their area, and you might get a different point of view. In my home state of Nebraska, we often refer to our neighboring Iowans as being some of the worst, although nationally they ranked among the best on the GMAC survey.

What have I noticed about driver’s in my city of Omaha? Both good and bad driving habits.

The bad: changing lanes without signaling; speeding up when someone needs to get over or merge into a lane; texting or talking while driving and following too close behind another car.

The good: Signaling when turning; slowing down and pulling over for emergency vehicles and stopping for student traffic and pedestrians.

Overall, Omaha drivers are courteous and the traffic scene is tame. I am sure when I am driving that I won’t be perfect, and every driver, no matter where in the country, has room to grow and learn.


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