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My 1st Driving Lesson

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Clip art courtesy of

Clip art courtesy of

1 lesson down, and at least 3 more to go! Everyone’s still alive and in one piece, so I think I did great! I am doing private lessons with a local company until I get the basics down before driving a friend or family’s car. I got a rundown of the car’s mechanics, where everything is and the most important part, how to make it go and STOP!lol. The day’s lesson included: intersections (quiz: anyone know what a controlled stop is?), turns and emergency stops. I also learned how to adjust my mirrors (blind spots suck!) and tell when the car is using too many rpm’s and when it is on gas. I am happy that my instructor is a patient older gentlemen who has been working with student drivers for a long time. I am surprisingly optimistic and can’t wait until next time!


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I am a young professional aiming to make my life the most it can be. For me, the journey begins with forging a path to freedom and forgetting my fears.

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