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Where I want to drive and my dream destination

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Ah road trips, the quintessential adventuristic experience! I read in the news lately that RV sales are up, as people grow weary of being nickel and dimed by airline companies just to fly. What better way to see the great expanses of our country than by driving. There is a lot to see and many of us have dreamt of places only a trip on t open road can take us. Roads that wind through the Colorado mountains, down dusty trials to the Grand Canyon and scenic routes through California wine country, all call out to the cross-country motorists within us, and so I have compiled a small list of my driving dream destinations.

As a music enthusiast, I can’t wait to drive to all of concert hotspots of my favorite local and national artists. Especially the wide variety of music festivals that cater to camping on the concert grounds or arriving in groups.

As an avid foodie, I can’t wait to make my rounds anywhere celebrity chef Guy Fieri and the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has been, and I have my eye on several local wineries and national food festivals such as the Vidalia Onion festival featured on the Food Network located in no other than Vidalia, Georgia!

At the top of my list is my dream driving destination. A vacation that revolves around driving and where only driving could take me. I have chosen an East Coast road trip through the states of Main, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. I have my heart set on eating juicy red lobster and fresh blue crab, gawking at the Statue of Liberty and busting around Time Square. I also want to see a lighthouse up close, and try real Vermont maple syrup and dairy products!

Another trip would be sightseeing around Canada, its end of the Great Lakes, native culture and outdoors.

As for now, I will continue to concentrate on my driving efforts and dream away!


Author: finallyfearless

I am a young professional aiming to make my life the most it can be. For me, the journey begins with forging a path to freedom and forgetting my fears.

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