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When I Want to Drive By


As summer kicks into mid-gear, I also am halfway through my driving journey. With my learner’s permit earned and 5 lessons under my belt, I am racking up experience and confidence. I plan to be independent by the end of August so be looking for a picture of my new wheels!


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My 1st Driving Lesson


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1 lesson down, and at least 3 more to go! Everyone’s still alive and in one piece, so I think I did great! I am doing private lessons with a local company until I get the basics down before driving a friend or family’s car. I got a rundown of the car’s mechanics, where everything is and the most important part, how to make it go and STOP!lol. The day’s lesson included: intersections (quiz: anyone know what a controlled stop is?), turns and emergency stops. I also learned how to adjust my mirrors (blind spots suck!) and tell when the car is using too many rpm’s and when it is on gas. I am happy that my instructor is a patient older gentlemen who has been working with student drivers for a long time. I am surprisingly optimistic and can’t wait until next time!

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Nebraska drivers

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I have heard that driving is an acquired skill and that noticing the exemplary drivers from the not-so-much ones can even be determined by geographical location. Take New York drivers for instance, they are known for driving too fast, ignoring yellow to red traffic warnings, and following too close behind other cars. Recent surveys by GMAC Insurance has even listed New York as having the worst driver’s in America.  Drivers from the Midwest faired the best, with Kansas having the highest score. Ask a Midwest driver about driving in their area, and you might get a different point of view. In my home state of Nebraska, we often refer to our neighboring Iowans as being some of the worst, although nationally they ranked among the best on the GMAC survey.

What have I noticed about driver’s in my city of Omaha? Both good and bad driving habits.

The bad: changing lanes without signaling; speeding up when someone needs to get over or merge into a lane; texting or talking while driving and following too close behind another car.

The good: Signaling when turning; slowing down and pulling over for emergency vehicles and stopping for student traffic and pedestrians.

Overall, Omaha drivers are courteous and the traffic scene is tame. I am sure when I am driving that I won’t be perfect, and every driver, no matter where in the country, has room to grow and learn.


Ah I’m driving!(education)

Driving seems like an everyday occurrence for most people, but for some, a seemingly automatic daily behavior can produce feelings of anxiousness, panic and uncertainty. I just happen to be one of them. For some time now, I have been able to by-pass those thoughts and avoid driving. In fact, I have been quite content using alternative forms of transportation. It is eco-friendly and I just happen to live in a pedestrian friendly neighborhood.

As of late however, I have been determined to let my disabling fears become a part of my past. My #2 Fear of Driving is already well on its way. I have passed my learner’s permit, and am now taking driver’s education classes in order to be a safe, competent driver. This will bring me one step closer to being a driver by the end of the summer. Am I nervous? YES! You just might see me handing out warning flyers to drivers that I am on the road! I’m sure the first astronauts in space felt the same way, but look where making the journey got them! Wish me luck!