From fearful to fearLess one phobia at a time

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What Driving Would Mean to Me

The Taj Mahal took a stunning 22 years to complete, Michelangelo’s masterpieces painted within the Sistine Chapel, a combined 8 years, and the Hoover Dam, 5 long years. All three of these undertakings were completed with a great deal of patience, a sense of urgency, and fortitude, not fear.

I have accepted the personal challenge of learning how to drive, with the hope of tapping into some of those same strengths.  I have been battling my fear of driving for years now, not wanting to face the anxiety it produced or the thoughts that I could hurt someone while doing it. This challenge has lent me the opportunity to change my way of thinking and see driving as a doable task and not just a hazard. Driving to me, would mean conquering one of my biggest fears, adding greater mobility and a new skill set to my life!  I plan on tackling it with my own sense of urgency, some serious patience and some inner strength!



Ah I’m driving!(education)

Driving seems like an everyday occurrence for most people, but for some, a seemingly automatic daily behavior can produce feelings of anxiousness, panic and uncertainty. I just happen to be one of them. For some time now, I have been able to by-pass those thoughts and avoid driving. In fact, I have been quite content using alternative forms of transportation. It is eco-friendly and I just happen to live in a pedestrian friendly neighborhood.

As of late however, I have been determined to let my disabling fears become a part of my past. My #2 Fear of Driving is already well on its way. I have passed my learner’s permit, and am now taking driver’s education classes in order to be a safe, competent driver. This will bring me one step closer to being a driver by the end of the summer. Am I nervous? YES! You just might see me handing out warning flyers to drivers that I am on the road! I’m sure the first astronauts in space felt the same way, but look where making the journey got them! Wish me luck!