From fearful to fearLess one phobia at a time

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What Driving Would Mean to Me

The Taj Mahal took a stunning 22 years to complete, Michelangelo’s masterpieces painted within the Sistine Chapel, a combined 8 years, and the Hoover Dam, 5 long years. All three of these undertakings were completed with a great deal of patience, a sense of urgency, and fortitude, not fear.

I have accepted the personal challenge of learning how to drive, with the hope of tapping into some of those same strengths.  I have been battling my fear of driving for years now, not wanting to face the anxiety it produced or the thoughts that I could hurt someone while doing it. This challenge has lent me the opportunity to change my way of thinking and see driving as a doable task and not just a hazard. Driving to me, would mean conquering one of my biggest fears, adding greater mobility and a new skill set to my life!  I plan on tackling it with my own sense of urgency, some serious patience and some inner strength!