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Car Purchase Considerations

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Owning any new kind of vehicle can be daunting territory even for the experienced driver. There are so many options to choose from when deciding how to pay for a new car and 100’s of makes and models to pick from. Whether it’s your first car, or your fifteenth, the details matter.

I have already started consulting family and friends as to their opinions on the best types of cars and what I should be looking for. I have compiled a list of must-dos and am currently shopping around for insurance and auto loan quotes. I have also enjoyed shopping online in order to narrow down color and size.

The ultimate questions are: whether to lease or borrow, buy privately or from a dealer, and whether to try out car auctions or steer clear of them. So far, opinions vary on all of these so I will continue gather information to make the best decision for me.

Since cars only depreciate in value, I am leaning toward used vs. new, borrowing vs. leasing and to maybe check out a car auction or two just for fun.

So far, I am loving Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and Kia. I will also look at American models as there are many companies with great reputations.

As for kind and color? I’m thinking small, fuel efficient, and blue!